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A convicted paedophile is able to change their name, apply for a new driving license and passport and a DBS check will not bring up their convictions.

A convicted paedophile is able to change their name and move to an area opposite or close to a school, or even work there without the local authority being aware.

Sex abusers can change their identity and start offending all over again, making a mockery of the legal system.

And currently this is all legal!!

Clearly this needs to be changed, but despite The Safeguarding Alliance highlighting that this legal loophole renders both Sarah's Law and Claire's Law redundant nothing has yet been done [Read about it here]

What is the point of having a sex offenders register or DBS system if the offender can change their name and not show up on the register?

How can we affect change? Please write to your local MP about this safeguarding issue, it effects all children and vulnerable people.

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On March 2nd 2023 there was a [General Debate in the House of Commons] on the change of name by registered sex offenders, I sincerely hope it doesn't take years for this loophole to be closed.

We hope this will be included in The Victims and Prisoners Bill and there was a committee meeting recently asking for this.

UPDATE 3rd October 2023

The home secretary in her speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester announced new legislation to introduce an outright ban on anyone convicted of a sex-related crime changing their identity, making it a new offence.

This is a great step forward, there are still many more loopholes in this to be closed moving forward.

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