My name is Nick French

My abuser who was known as Gary Moscrop is currently in prison after breaking his parole terms. I was contacted in 2022 by someone who told me he was living in a old person’s residential block and had disclosed to some of the residents a little of his past. He had told a few that he was accused of trying to drown me and putting his hand in my pants. Whilst these were things he started out doing when I was 7 years old, it got much worse as he was allowed to get away with it due to the cult we were in. He was also displaying intimidation tactics to these elderly people he disclosed this to. They had called the police as they were worried about their grand children visiting but were told ‘he has to live somewhere’ and until he breaks the law again won’t do anything.

To give you an idea how evil and twisted this person is I want to tell you one of the incidents I reported to the police, please be aware that this may trigger survivors of CSA.

When I was aged 11 or 12 after already suffering a few years of regular abuse he and I were out near Leonardslee Gardens near Horsham. He had me strip naked and swim in the lake. After the swim he abused me to the point that my genitals were bleeding. He then hit me every time I went to try and cover up as the flies were landing on me where the blood was starting to congeal.

I had relayed this story along with others to the police and when they questioned him about it he said it was a lie, we were next to a river and not a lake! He didn’t deny the crime but the setting of it!

He was sentenced to 10 years according to the law based in the 70s and 80s when the crimes took place, if based on today’s law the term would have likely been decades.

And now this person is out on parole and living as he wants and doing what he wants. The Probation service write to me each year and say he appears to be doing everything according to his restrictions. Appears is very different to reality, if someone can hide a crime for years then they can appear to be doing the right thing even when they are not.

How can this be? How can he start a new life and nobody knows who he really is?

Because he was allowed to legally change his name and when anyone tries to find information on Gary Miller (his new name) they find nothing.

The residents in the block he was living in were so concerned that they tried to find out who he was and found nothing. Only when they googled his first name only along with ‘jehovahs witness’ (the cult he is attached to) + ‘child abuse’ did they find me and alerted me.

What can be done?

Please write to your MP and let them know your concern about children and vulnerable people, a letter can be found here:

If you know how we can progress this then please do contact me, you can find me at